Fundraising Tips & Tools

Here you’ll find all of the important resources, proven to work by other MG Walkers, to help maximize your efforts and get us one step closer to a world without MG.

Utilize these materials in your fundraising process!

The MG Walk needs you in our efforts to reach a world without MG. The following materials can help you raise awareness, and increase your fundraising!

Download these helpful forms and tools:

  1. Tips For Fundraising
  2. Team Captain Tips – Recruitment & Retention
  3. Memory Jogger
  4. Donation Tracking Form
  5. “What is MG” Flyer
  6. MG Walk Medical Ambassador Flyer


Once you register, you will be sent an e-mail with log in instructions to access your personal fundraising portal. Your portal contains important resources to help you maximize your fundraising efforts! This includes a personal fundraising page, a team fundraising page (if you are the Team Captain) and the ability to send e-mails through our website. While both pages come completed with information about the MG Walk, we highly recommend investing a few minutes here to share your personal connection to myasthenia gravis and add a picture!


After you have personalized your page, share it! Take advantage of the “Spread the Word” tab found in your fundraising portal, and easily send e-mails to everyone you know. See below to view sample e-mails you can send to friends and family. If you are looking for additional suggestions on ways to share your fundraising page, contact the MG Walk Office at 1-855-MG-WALKS.


Log into your personal fundraising page and set your goal. You’re not obligated to reach that goal, but it shows your donors you are reaching for the stars and they’ll want to help you get there.

Tip for Success: Be the one to make your first donation. Donors will see you are even more involved and be inspired to give.


The number one reason people do not donate to a cause is because they were not asked! Tell them you are participating in the walk and, most importantly, tell them why you are getting involved. Be sure to include the link to your personal page in your email. Use our Memory Jogger to make sure you’re not missing anyone in your network and to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to invest in your success and invest in a world without MG.

Tip for Success: Personalize the messaging for different groups/persons on your list.


Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 asks before a person makes a donation.

Tip for Success: When you send a reminder email, tell your potential donor how close you are to your goal or the walk to give a sense of urgency.



Many companies have matching gift programs, matching any donations made by their employees to nonprofit organizations. This can double (or sometimes even triple) the money raised! Check with your employer to see if they offer a matching gift program, and what needs to be done in order to get your donation matched! Some companies will match gifts made by retired employees and spouses. Don’t forget to follow up with your donors’ companies about matching gifts too!

Tip for Success:  Some companies will match an employee’s fundraising and some will even give a donation for hours volunteered. See below for more information on Matching Gifts.

Workplace Involvement

Many companies encourage their employees to fundraise, donate, and volunteer with non-profit organizations important to them. As an added benefit, companies will match donations or award grants for volunteer hours completed.


Bake sales, donation jars at work, happy hours, etc. are all great ways to raise funds and awareness in a short amount of time.

MG Walk Posters & Postcards

New this year: To save on costs, Team Captains will be sent team captain information via email.   You can find posters to download on your specific site page.  Social media fundraising images can be found under the social media fundraising drop down above.  If you need more information or have questions about fundraising, please contact our MG Walk team at 1-855-649-2557.  Thanks for your support of the MG Walk!