Social Media

Use the power of social media to create awareness about participating in the MG Walk and increase your fundraising! Connecting with friends and family through social media will broaden your reach and help deliver your message. You can connect through FacebookTwitter and Instagram to find and share motivating stories, impactful graphics and more.

Below you will find information on how to share your MG Walk on facebook and other forms of social media.  We have also included some great images or digital downloads for you to use as well!  Connect through social media today for a world without myasthenia gravis.

Connect with Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to use to create awareness about your participation in the MG Walk.  

Follow these three easy steps to get the word out:

1. As you’re completing your event registration, click on “Post your fundraising page to social media”


2.Then, click on facebook or any other social media icon where you have an account to link your fundraising page to your account.  


3.Lastly, click on post to facebook.  It’s that easy!


When your friends and family click on the MG Walk image, it will direct them back to your participant page and they can donate to you there directly.  This DOES NOT create a facebook fundraiser so if prompted by facebook to create one from this post, just know that it does not link back to your MG Walk page.   If you accept the prompt, while we won’t discourage you from fundraising this way, you will need to contact us so we can move the money over to your MG Walk page.  We won’t know about it, unless you contact us at

Make sure to maximize your fundraising efforts by completing all the steps in your Fundraising Checklist.

Below are answers to some additional questions about using social media.

What should I do if Facebook asks me to start a Facebook Fundraiser when I initially post my event?  

We do not discourage you from fundraising on facebook, however, at this time, the MG Walk does not link to facebook fundraising so therefore you would need to notify us if this is something you plan to do.  We would prefer you post that you are participating in the MG Walk with the above instructions and ask people to donate directly from your participant page on the MG Walk website or you could include your personal MG Walk URL in your social media post and participants would use that to get back to your participant page.  

Can I create a Facebook Fundraiser first and then connect it to my MG Walk fundraising?

No, fundraisers created directly on Facebook will not link to your MG Walk account. The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America is currently listed on Facebook as a beneficiary option for fundraisers however, they do not sync with your MG Walk fundraising account. In order to have your Facebook fundraising credited to your MG Walk fundraising account, you would need to contact the MG Walk office to get the money moved to your MG Walk account manually. See below.  

 Can I add a donate button to my Facebook posts, or to a live video, or create a Birthday Fundraiser to support my fundraising efforts for the MG Walk?

No. These features of Facebook do not sync with your MG Walk fundraising account.  If you do facebook fundraising in this way, you will need to contact to make sure the money collected is moved over to your MG Walk account manually.  Please include your name and the total amount raised.

Can’t I just share my page on my Facebook profile instead?

Yes, you can do that. You can also easily communicate with your donors on your social media page, by posting updates and thanking them for their donations.

Do donations still go to the MGFA if people donate through my Facebook Fundraiser?

Yes, 100% of all donations raised via Facebook Fundraisers will go towards your event fundraising goal, supporting the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America.  Again, if you want it counted toward MG Walk, you will need to contact the MG Walk office at  

Can International donations be made through my Facebook Fundraiser?

No. The Facebook Fundraiser will only accept U.S. donations. If you have someone that is trying to make an international donation, please refer them to your personal page link.

Why did my fundraiser on Facebook end?

Facebook fundraisers will automatically end when your event has completed fundraising for this year.

What information is synced between my MG Walk fundraising page and my Facebook Fundraiser?

Nothing syncs between facebook and your MG Walk page.  

Will the honor roll on my personal fundraising page list my donors?

No, nothing at this time syncs so that is not possible.  

Will I know who donated to me through Facebook?

Yes, you will see who donated to you when you look at your fundraiser on Facebook. Donors have the option to choose whether they will share their information with the MGFA during the donation process on Facebook. Some donations may be listed on your Facebook Fundraiser as private donations and that is because the donor did not opt-in to information sharing.

I donated on Facebook. How can I get a receipt?

Facebook will send a receipt to the email address associated with your Facebook account, which will include the MGFA’s EIN/tax ID number. While donating on Facebook, if you select “Get emails about your donation and other info from the MGFA,” you will also receive a thank you email confirming your gift from the MGFA. You can also visit the Facebook Payment History page if you need to reprint a receipt.

I donated on Facebook, how do I get a refund if I accidentally donated in error or donated to the wrong amount?

Use Facebook’s donation support form to ask for a refund.

Do Facebook Fundraisers replace other donation tools?

No. We still encourage you to use your Participant Page Fundraising Checklist, emails, and more to meet and exceed your fundraising goal.

Who do I contact for other questions?

Contact by calling 1-855-MG-WALKS or emailing

Digital Downloads

Below are graphics and images to help you share your excitement about the MG Walk!

  • Share your fundraising progress and ask for donations!
  • Recruit more members for your MG Walk team!
  • Raise awareness about myasthenia gravis!

If you need assistance, please contact us at


Cover Photos

This is your opportunity to share on your networks your excitement about the MG Walk!


Download Cover Photos for Social Media

Each MG Walk has their own cover photo and are listed in alphabetical order.

Fundraising Images

Use these fundraising images to share your fundraising progress and ask for donations!


Download Fundraising images

Team Recruitment Images

These images are a great tool to help you recruit more members for your Walk MG team!


Download Team Recruitment images

What is MG?

Help raise awareness about myasthenia gravis with your networks using these images.

Download What is MG? images