As you know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL of our 2020 MG Walks were combined with our MGFA Together We Stand virtual event which was held on October 10. We made this decision for the health and safety of our participants, sponsors, volunteers, and staff. We hope you were able to join us for that broadcast event, but if not, here is the video.

Furthermore, due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have unfortunately decided to move ALL 2021 spring walks into the fall timeframe. Our goal is to host actual in-person events next fall, but of course we will take the necessary precautions and make decisions about in-person events early next year. As always, your safety is and will continue to be our primary concern. The 2021 MG Walk dates will be available soon!

You can still raise money and fundraise for this year’s efforts by visiting your walk page at All fundraisers will receive the MG Walk t-shirt and other prizes based on your fundraising totals ($50 for MG Walk Cooler, $100 for the MG Walk t-shirt, $250+ for additional prizes).

Prizes for any fundraising done prior to Oct. 15 were already shipped so if you plan to do any fundraising from now until the end of the year, please contact to inquire about your fundraising prizes.

If you have checks to turn in, please mail to:

MG Walk Office

1707 N. Randall Rd, Suite 200

Elgin, IL 60123

Thank you for your continued support of the MGFA and the MG community and we hope to see you next year!

We are thrilled to announce that the 2020 North Carolina MG Walk Hero is… Morgan Novak!



My name is Morgan Novak and I am honored to be the Charlotte MG Walk Hero.I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in December 2018 but my battle with it started a few months before in August 2018. I started having unexplainable facial weakness in my mouth when I was eating and smiling and talking. I went to my dentist and he didn’t have any any answers and I went to a TMJ specialist and he also didn’t have any answers. He suggested I get an MRI. Good news was I found out that my brain is completely healthy, but it didn’t answer why I was experiencing these weird symptoms. So he suggested it was time to see a neurologist.In my head that just seemed so unnecessary. I was fine, I didn’t need a neurologist. I was probably overreacting and everything would go away soon. But my symptoms continued and I went to a few more doctor appointments. I had a lot of blood tests done and everything was coming back normal.

Around November 2018 I started to feel really weak in my arms and legs. I would get weak doing everyday activities like getting dressed for work, cooking, cleaning…things that, at 25 years old, should not make me that weak. I enjoy running with my dog, working out and going to yoga but I got to the point that I could barely do anything in the gym without feeling like my muscles were just going to give out on me. I knew something was really wrong so I finally made an appointment to see a neurologist.

At my first visit with him he told me he had a pretty good idea that I had Myasthenia Gravis. In my head all I thought was “Mya-what?” I got an EMG test and blood test done and both tests came back positive which confirmed my diagnosis. This was the best and worst news all at the same time. It was the best news because I finally had an answer to all the symptoms I had been experiencing. It was the worst news because at 25 years old I was told that I had a chronic autoimmune disease that would effect my entire life.

Since my diagnosis I’ve been on medication that has helped me manage most of my symptoms. I had a Thymectomy in March 2019 to hopefully eliminate my symptoms. In the last few months I have started running and going to yoga and just trying to get back to my normal routine before MG.

This past year and a half has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs to say the least. And while I have a disease that scientifically means I am weak, I have never felt stronger.

Thank You To Our 2020 North Carolina Medical Ambassador!

Dr. Joseph Chipman
Novant Health Neurology & Sleep

Dr. Joseph Chipman is committed to patient satisfaction based on empathetic patient care. Being able to provide patients evidence-based diagnoses coupled with the most effective, innovative treatments is the most important part of his job. He has a strong interest in integrative neurology, which encompasses a mix of standard practice neurology and holistic medicine. He feels this gives patients different treatment options for difficult-to-treat neurological disorders. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his wife and children. He likes outdoor activities, gardening, playing tennis and playing racquetball. He also has several unique pursuits that include collecting antiques, jukeboxes and pinball machines.
Special Interests: Neuromuscular Disorder


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